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Real time visual collaboration for distributed teams, distance learning teachers, remote consultants, and just about anyone.

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What the heck is Boardthing?

For distributed teams, using Boardthing is just like being in the same room with a whiteboard, markers, and sticky notes or index cards. First, create a board. Then, invite colleagues to join. Everyone can add cards, move cards, draw on the board, and even vote on what they think is best. It’s that fast and it’s that simple.


Make Cards

Just like sticky notes on a whiteboard. Create as many as you need, in as many colors as you like.

Draw, Connect, and Erase

Draw on your board in multiple colors, and connect cards with lines. When you mess up, just erase the ugly stuff.

Import, Resize, and Lock Images

Import images and lock them as board backgrounds. Great for an empathy maps, an impact matrix, a Kanban, business model canvas or whatever you want.

Share Boards

Since Boardthing is a web app, you can share a board with anyone who has internet access. No account for them required!

Save and Export

You get unlimited boards which you can export boards to HTML, CSV, or OPML to render the information in the document style of your choice!

Works on Any Device

Boardthing is a full responsive web app so that you can use it on any device. Just open a browser and dial up Boardthing, and get collaborating.